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Snipers Cheekpeice


The cheekpeice is made from a combination of high density shock resistant memory foam and water resistant diving grade Neoprene. The pad contains two specially shaped “patented” inserts that when correctly fitted to the stock will make contact and cradle the cheek and jaw of the shooter, both inserts are angled from front to back so by moving the pad forward or backward along the comb of the rifle, will in turn raise the eye line above the axis of the bore to aid in the use of optical devises (scopes) and night vision equipment and make shooting any rifle (especially heavy magnums) more comfortable.


The opposite side of the cheekpeice can carry 6 round of ammunition, the elasticated webbing allows the shooter to see the bullet tips and therefore allows the operator to choose special or mission specific ammunition ether by sight or touch.


The pad was designed originally to fit most rifles and was originally conceived for special ops / forces personal who may have to stay at there weapons for long periods of time, but with several modifications is now produced in a “one size fits all” to fit most full stocked rifles / shotguns and will even fit over some monticarlo stocks.


Other versions of the cheekpeice include the

• Air rifle pad which is similar to the fullbore but has a high density stamped foam magazine that will carry 21 pellets in .22, 20, or 177 calibre.

• The shotgun version is available without a raised comb for iron sighted weapons or with a raised comb for weapons with scopes or “ghost sights” and has a 4 round 12G carry magazine,

• Blank sided with no ammunition carry facility


All cheekpieces are available in both right and left-handed versions.


Most rifles and shotguns are still designed on iron sights yet 95% of shooters now use a telescopic sight that raises the eye line some 1.5 inches above the average gun which in affect destroys the “spot-weld” and therefore any consistency in your shooting. Once correctly fitted the Cheekpiece will ensure every time you shoulder your rifle it will come to the same position every time you shoot! This will speed up target acquisition and be much more comfortable to shoot! After all your gun may be a box standard but all humans are different!


“consistency equals accuracy”


Available in black and green

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