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Snipers Field Backbag



Benchrest shooters have known and proved for many years that the first step toward getting the maximum performance from any rifle is to make the shooting platform as stable as possible, this involves using a front rest and a rear solid sand bag.

This combination is fine on a bench but not practical in a prone field environment when you may have to alter the height of your rifle from shot to shot or shoot up or down hill or even moving laterally.


The “SNIPERS FIELD BACKBAG” answers all these problems in one simple product and is the modern equivalent to the sand bag originally used by snipers, the 8 by 10 inch nylon bag is loosely filled with plastic pellets (2.5lb approx) which unlike sand will not alter the weight and structure when ether wet or dry, but when compressed either by hand or rifle but forms a solid cup around the rifle butt, by squeezing the bag with the supporting hand micrometer like adjustment is available in almost any direction!!

Because of the unique shape of the bag it can be used as a front rest to protect your rifle whilst shooting over walls or resting on a vehicle and it can even become a rest for your spotting scope, telescope, range finder even your coffee cup.


Given that one of the hardest things to do in our sport is to “get comfortable” the BACK BAG allows you a greater physiological and therefore psychological advantage which means greater shot to shot consistency, because as we all know


“consistency equals accuracy”

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