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H.O.E 2 Round Tactical Holder 

The perfect way to hold an extra 2 rounds in a convenient place for your fingers to handle a rapid reload into the breech without altering your shooting position, as plus 10 round counts courses of fire are becoming more popular in Tactical / PRS type competitions the benefits of having some extra rounds either to replace either a non firing round or to get you some extra rounds on target without the necessity for a magazine change is clear advantage.

This product affords the sporting shooter/ hunter shooter a quick visual check for alternate bullet choice (soft point, ballistic tip etc) as the bullet tip is visible outside of the elasticated loops.

The 2 Round Holder can be attached to your rifle, magazine or clothing where ever is most convenient with the included adhesive Velcro patch. As with all HOE products i have tried and tested this on my own comp rifle for over a year and although i don't use it on every shooting situation / COF when the need arises its an invaluable aid and has certainly helped me out in many events, this product for me definatly falls under the condom rule, "its better to have and not need, than need and not have" 

Available in Black or Multicam in Standard and Magnum versions £9.00 inc P/P (inside the UK)

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